Top 5 Amazing Monitoring Tools For Virtual Assistants – 2021

Top 5 Amazing Monitoring Tools For Virtual Assistants – 2021
Top 5 Amazing Monitoring Tools For Virtual Assistants – 2021

Top 5 Amazing Monitoring Tools For Virtual Assistants – 2021

The tracking software program is going past the mere time monitoring capability of login or sign-off in which the worker’s attendance is recorded. The numerous software program that we’re going to overview in this newsletter has bizarre functions along with keystroke logging, worker vicinity monitoring to screenshot-taking platforms.

Virtual assistant tracking software program is especially beneficial in which a business enterprise has to manipulate dozens of digital assistants who’re running both in shifts or in distinct time zones. Consider the case of Optimal Virtual Employee clients. The patron is withinside the Australian time zone, while the worker is running withinside the Indian time zone.

The patron can get extra visibility into the paintings carried out with the aid of using the digital assistant, from tracking software program this is set up on their computers. The information hence gathered may be aggregated in real-time and the patron receives to peer special reports, in addition to unique metrics, along with time, labored on a selected mission, etc. It can see the whole thing from what apps a digital assistant have opened, to their chats and to different online conduct.

Top five Virtual Assistant Tracking Tools

Here we deliver to you an unbiased overview of the pinnacle five digital assistant monitoring gear that we assume is the maximum famous:

1. Teramind: This digital assistant tracking software program has an easy-to-recognize dashboard that permits customers to effortlessly use its functions. The software program has a whole automation layer that now no longer best facts keystrokes however additionally takes screenshots of the worker’s laptop screen.

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Priced at $60 in line with the month, Teramind offers you extra than a dozen widgets that offer an at-a-look view of information metrics along with effective and unproductive time in addition to beneficial and non-beneficial internet site visits. You also can connect the payroll to worker productiveness.

2. ActivTrak: This software program for tracking your digital assistants is intuitive and has superb analytics abilities and an enterprise-intelligence fashion dashboard. It additionally gives enterprise-stage monitoring functionality that permits companies to degree the productiveness and hobby degrees of the digital assistants.

It includes a huge variety of tracking gear and functions that permit an excessive diploma of information to manipulate in addition to consumer privacy. We sense that its group-conduct evaluation function is a superb device that makes this software program worthwhile.

3. Time Doctor: This is a superb device for time monitoring of your digital assistants. It additionally gives undertaking control functions along with cloud-primarily based totally sharing of information, mission delegation and control, invoicing, finances forecasting, payments, and projecting destiny personnel needs.

The admin dashboard indicates what number of hours the digital assistant has labored, in conjunction with screenshots of the worker’s laptop. It also can tune worker vicinity thru GPS in addition to take snapshots of the worker from the laptop’s embedded camera.

4. Hubstaff: This is a famous device this is used for preserving a time tune and tracking the paintings of your digital assistants. It is a function-wealthy device that permits you to take screenshots, tune keystrokes, and test moves thru GPS monitoring. Hubstaff Tasks is a related app for dealing with tasks, undertaking progress, painting allocation, and is a productiveness-improving device. Hubstaff is an easy-to-use dashboard with sufficient educational content material to get you commenced asap.

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5. WorkPuls: (now no longer WorkPlus) is a device that permits you to investigate how your digital assistant spends her time at some point in painting hours. It offers you a large photo that indicates the pleasant utilization of effective time in addition to the motives for low productiveness.

The software program is intuitive and permits you to micromanage your employed digital worker higher. It is the pleasant device that has a default view of news and evaluation gear, which assist your enterprise to turn out to be higher at the time control. Besides, it additionally permits you to installation group structure & hierarchies for higher workflow control.


From easy keystroke monitoring software program to superior workflow control software program, there is a plethora of worker control gear to be had to you need to make a decision to lease a digital assistant. You can personalize them consistent with your enterprise needs, painting culture, and activity processes. They allow higher time control, advanced worker productiveness, and deeper evaluation.

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