How to Study and Live in the UK – Get An Online Course

How to Study and Live in the UK

Do you want to study and live in the UK? Do you want to get yourself familiarized with UK  lifestyle, culture and higher education? This article will serve as a special guide and link for you. There are plethora of opportunities and advice herein if you want to study, train or gain experience in the UK.

There are several online and offline courses which have been designed to prepare you for your academic and residential journey in the United Kingdom. However, has reviewed these courses and observed that one among them offers the most accurate preparation tips. That particular one is explained hereunder.

Course title

Study UK: Prepare to Study and Live in the UK. It is an online course that explains everything on how to study and live in the UK.

Course duration

4 weeks.

Course developer

This course was developed by British Council. The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. With these, the Council builds connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries of the world.

The Council work on the ground in over 100 countries. They have been teaching English language for more than 75 years and have helped over 100 million people around the world learn the language and improve their language skills. They are global experts in teaching English both in their online courses (such as this) and their teaching centres around the world. In 2019-2020 for instance, the Council connected with 80 million people directly and with 791 million people overall, including online and through their broadcasts and publications.

Who is the course made for?

Due to the importance of this course, it is designed for international students who have been accepted to study at a UK university.

Who will you learn with?

You will learn with Jonathan Smith, an Associate Professor in Technology-enhanced Learning at the University of Reading. He also teach on pre-sessional courses in English language and study skills.


Essence of the course

The essence of this course is to help you understand how to make the most of life and university study in the UK.

It is well settled that the prestige of a UK university education attracts students from all over the world. Research, however, shows that transition to UK study is not always easy. This is because many feel challenged by an unfamiliar educational system, cultural differences, and working in a different language with unfamiliar people.

This online course will give you all the help you need to study and thrive in the United Kingdom. It will help you become familiar with studying in English and how the UK higher education courses are structured, gaining a clear understanding of what to expect. With this course, you will also develop self-study skills, whilst getting a taste of life in the United Kingdom.

Scope of study

This course covers the following topics:

  • Characteristic features of higher education in the UK: active engagement, critical thinking, evidence-based argument, independent study, academic integrity
  • Study modes: lectures, seminars, tutorials, student presentations, group assignments, their roles and functions
  • The language skills you need to achieve success (academic writing, reading, listening and note-taking, speaking)
  • Understanding assessment in higher education
  • Support services available to students; library, English language support, counselling etc.
  • Practical issues round living as a student in the UK: accommodation, making friends, what to bring, things you need to do on arrival.

Your expected achievements

It is expected that by the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of UK academic culture and the engagement expected of you
  • Explore the way teaching and learning is organised in UK higher education and its key terminology
  • Reflect on the language knowledge and academic skills you need to achieve success
  • Assess the resources that are available to you to support your learning
  • Reflect on the positive contribution you will make to UK academic life through the diversity of perspectives you bring
  • Develop the confidence you need to feel prepared for study in the UK.

Other benefits

In addition to your expected achievements above, British Council are offering everyone who joins this course a free digital upgrade. This is to enable you experience the full benefits of studying online for free. Therefore, by joining this course, you will get:

  • Unlimited access to this course
  • Access to many articles, videos, peer reviews and quizzes
  • A PDF Certificate of Achievement to prove your success when you are eligible.

Course official website

You may visit the course official website above to read more about how to study and live in the UK before registering for the course.

Register here


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